Start-up your idea! Nurturing entrepreneurship in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic

Project description:

The main objective of the project is to nurture the entrepreneurship mindset, abilities and skills of both foreign and native residents of Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic and empower them. The project will help its participants to have better access to and be more competitive in the labour market and the digital economies, take advantage of knowledge and skills they already have and turn their ideas into successful businesses. By promoting work in teams composed of foreign and native residents, the project will also foster social and economic integration understood as a process of mutual accommodation between migrants and the receiving societies.


Specifically the project will focus on:

  • equipping project participants with knowledge and skills on business development
  • promoting business ideas developed as part of the project and showcase already existing good practices in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic (Online Ideas Repository)
  • allowing for the exchange of experience among trainers and educators from Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic involved in education in the sphere of entrepreneurship


Project participants will take part in the Startup Camp – a series of hybrid trainings and workshops focused on the stepby-step development of their business ideas. Attendees (among others) will find out how to do a market analysis, build an effective business model, develop the product or services starting from its MVP, how to pitch successfully while looking for the investors and pass the go-to-market phase.


The project, unlike other projects dedicated to entrepreneurship will apply the innovative methodology of working in multicultural teams. As such, the project will foster inclusion and diversity.


Project coordinator: CASE

Project duration: 12 months (IV. 2022 – III.2023)

Project partners: CASE – Centrum Analiz Społeczno-Ekonomicznych – Fundacja Naukowa (Poland) ; InBáze, z.s (Czech Republic) ; MAREENA (Slovakia)

Experts: Agnieszka Kulesa, Joanna Starczewska

CASE project manager: Stanislav Bieliei

Project funding: Erasmus+ Small scale grants