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17 Jul 2018 | NEWS

EU Policies for Refugee Protection and Immigration: Why We Need Productive Engagement with Our Neighbors, Not Border Fences

Recent debates about asylum and immigration policies in the EU have showcased many ways in which key policymakers are in denial not only of the complexity of the challenges posed by irregular (illegal) immigration, but also of the glaring shortcom...

10 Jul 2018 | NEWS

What’s next for healthcare in Poland?

The 156th mBank-CASE seminar was devoted to Poland s healthcare system. After almost a decade, we decided to return to this important subject, because the problems we pointed out 10 years ago (at the 97th BRE-CASE Seminar on June 12 2008) are unfo...

06 Jul 2018 | NEWS

Is a Fiscal Policy Council needed in Poland?

The 157th mBank-CASE Seminar was devoted to the idea of creating a Fiscal Policy Council (FPC) in Poland. Such bodies exist in 38 countries, and Po...

05 Jul 2018 | NEWS

SzaWER project kick-off meeting at CASE

On July 27th CASE held an inauguration meeting to start a two-year project entitled "Development and implementation of innovative tools aimed at co...

03 Jul 2018 | NEWS

Remaining Lucid at an Outbreak of a Global Trade War

This week marks the introduction of the latest round of US import tariffs aimed at protecting US producers against what is seen by the US administr...

02 Jul 2018 | NEWS

Round table talks on the Belt and Road Initiative at CASE

(photo credits: flickr, xiquinhosilva) On June 19, CASE organized a discussion on the opportunities which the Belt and Road initiative (BRI) can b...

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July 16, 2018

Online CASE CPI index is an innovative measurement of price dynamics in the Polish economy, which is entirely based on online data. Online CASE CPI is constructed by averaging prices of commodities from last four weeks and comparing them to average prices of the same commodities from four weeks prior. The index is updated weekly.

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Corporate Membership Program

CASE invites businesses to join its Corporate Membership Program and help support an independent Polish think tank. The benefits of the program for businesses include: Undertaking common scientific projects; Exchanging knowledge and benefiting from CASE s vast experience; Engaging businesses in public debates on crucial matters of economic policy; Creating networking opportunities between gover...