We are pleased to present you the book "MY CASE" published on the occasion of our 30th anniversary.

The book is a collection of texts authored by individuals who have been involved with CASE throughout its 30-year history or for shorter periods of time, but for whom the Foundation has played an important role in their personal development. They are economists-researchers, experts, stafffounders, Management Board members and Supervisory Council members. This is why the title "MY CASE" perfectly captures the nature of the book.

In their memories, written in Polish or English, the authors describe CASE as the institution and how they remember it throughout its 30 years of existence. The book, which was edited by Ewa Balcerowicz, consists of 9 chapters in which the history of CASE is presented  chronologically. Thanks to that along with the authors’ memories we can learn about how CASE has changed since 1991 when it was founded.


Download the book