Jan Bazyli Klakla

Specialist in social sciences

Dr. Jan Bazyli Klakla holds a PhD in law with a specialization in socio-legal studies from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Jagiellonian University. He is a graduate of law, sociology and comparative civilization studies at the Jagiellonian University and postgraduate studies in international migration at the University of Warsaw. He completed research internships at the University of Zagreb and Centre for Migration Studies and Intercultural Relations at the University of Almeria. 
He has participated in and led research projects on such topics as the role of institutional and legal factors in the acculturation of migrants, the situation of the victim as a participant in repressive proceedings, the costs of criminal trials in the light of the economic analysis of law, power distance in the courtroom, and the ethnography of the school environment. 
In 2016-2020 he was an expert on security diagnosis in the security improvement programme for the city of Krakow. He is currently preparing his second PhD dissertations at the Jagiellonian University – in law in the Department of Sociology of Law and in sociology in the Department of Population Studies. 

project involvement: expert

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