01 Nov 2022 - 30 Oct 2024
Infrastructure, energy and climate change


Project description:

Relying on five specific bioeconomy themes – interconnectedness, outdoor learning, forestry, life below water and food loop – the BioBeo project aims at developing an educational programme in order to foster understanding and involvement across society regarding ‘circularity’, bioeconomy and green practices.

The project will firstly concerned 35 schools (preschool, primary and secondary school), including 1000 students, 500 parents and 100 teachers in Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. It will be possible to include more partners and increase the scale of the project in Poland, Greece, Romania and Estonia beyond the 24-months timeframe.

BioBeo will generate the following results:

  • Programmes to spread the concept of bioeconomy, circular bioeconomy approach in education systems and provide resources
  • Digital toolkits

To achieve the results, the following activities will be implemented:

  • Learning activities to connect young people with their biological life-worlds in showing, for example, how to create an indoor wormery from easily accessible materials.
  • Outdoor classrooms
  • Designing and making of variety of habitats at different scales based
  • Plantation of trees, plants and grasses
  • Exploration of maths into forestry (e.g learn how to measure the height of trees or manage database)
  • Collection of marine litter and use recycled plastic to 3D print
  • Creation of a wetland habitat
  • Increase of knowledge about benefits of seaweed, algae and fish by-products
  • Learning activities about biogas (as a result of livestock manure and food residues) and green manure for nitrogen

Date: 01.11.2022-30.10.2024

Grant: This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Coordination and Support Actions under grant agreement No 101059900 — BioBeo.

Project leader: University College Dublin (UCD)

Partners: Maynooth University (IR), An Taisce (IT), University of Hohenheim (GE), Odisee University of Applied Sciences (BE), CASE (PL), Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (NL), Synyo (AT), Foundation for Environmental Education (GB), Youth in Science and Business Foundation (EE), E3STEM (GR), Universitatea Parents Targoviste (RO), Technical University Berlin (GE), BOS+ (BE).

EN-Funded by the EU-PANTONE