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Financing Education in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan

Reforms of education systems in post-communist countries have been analyzed from a number of different perspectives, which changes in curriculum and labor-market skills often receiving the most attention. Analyses that examine education reform through the prism of fiscal decentralization and development of local governance - in a "good governance context" - are less common.

This issues of Problems of Economic Transition examines education reform in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan from this perspective. Twin studies by Jan Herczyński show that, despite the relatively advanced state of economic reforms in these two countries (compared to other countries belonging to the Commonwealth of Independent States), the Georgian and Kyrgyzstani education systems remain largely unreformed.

With an Introduction of the editor Ben Slay. Published in February 2003. Financing Education in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan. Problems of Economic Transition, a Journal of Translations from Russian, M.E. Sharpe. February 2003.