10 May 2024
CASE Policy Briefs, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, Financial sector

How Credit Guarantee Schemes Could Ease Access to Funding for Companies with Belarusian Capital in the EU

The policy paper offers solutions to help companies with Belarusian owners in the EU access funding more easily. It suggests using global credit guarantee schemes as inspiration. These would address issues like a lack of credit history or collateral, which often hinder Belarusian businesses in the EU.

Two main ideas are proposed. One is an international credit guarantee scheme, supported by the European Commission, to give lenders confidence in providing loans to Belarusian-owned businesses. The other idea involves the Association of Belarusian Business Abroad (ABBA) setting up a mutual guarantee scheme. This would use resources from Belarusian expatriates to guarantee loans, supporting businesses in exile and benefiting host countries' economies.

Overall, the paper aims to encourage investment by Belarusian entrepreneurs in the EU and make it easier for them to succeed in their new surroundings.


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