Advisory, Europe, innowacje, Polska, Private sector development, innovation and knowledge-based economy

Contribution of policies at the regional level towards the realization of the European Research Area

O projekcie:

The study will examine to which degree policies at the regional level contribute to the realization of the European Research Area (ERA).  Towards this purpose, two separate elements will be investigated: (1) policies in place at the regional level aimed at promoting greater openness and (2) integration into the ERA and indicators for monitoring integration in the ERA.

One of the important motors for knowledge-based development are clusters of related enterprises and organizations that build competitive advantages in specialized areas, whereby the need to better understand the nature of research-driven clusters. The study should take into account the general architecture of ERAWATCH monitoring and analysis in order for its results to be incorporated into future systematic information collection by country correspondents.


European Commission, DG-JRC