01 Sep 2021 - 30 Nov 2021

Investment Activity and Economic Growth in the Polish Economy

The CASE team will conduct a study on the size, structure and determinants of investment activity in Poland. The study will particularly focus on the long-term significance of investments, especially on investments aimed at increasing productivity and competitiveness. The research will be based on publicly available macroeconomic and sectoral data, as well as on a review of scientific and analytical literature on the subject of investment. Econometric research will use microeconomic data from the Notoria database and macroeconomic data.

The research work will result in a report which will address the following topics:

  • Decomposition of the structure of the level and growth of GDP in Poland from the demand perspective - direct contribution of investments to the generation of demand in the country.
  • Decomposition of the GDP growth from the supply side. Factors of production responsible for growth (labour factor growth, capital accumulation and ICT capital, total factor productivity).
  • The model of economic growth in Poland (capital accumulation, foreign direct investment, export expansion).
  • The effectiveness of public versus private investments - a review of the literature
  • The investment rate and economic growth - a review of literature.
  • The investment rate and economic growth - an international comparison.
  • The investment rate and productivity growth - an international comparison.
  • Investment determinants at the enterprise level
  • Investment determinants at the country level - an international comparison
  • Economic growth, tax revenues and investment (literature review and data analysis for Poland).
  • Investment structure (public/private) - a comparison between Poland and EU
  • Sectoral structure of investment - a comparison between sectors of the economy
  • The largest investors in Poland -by sectors of activity and ownership
  • The level of investment and the long-term growth rate of the sector - a comparison between the sectors of the economy
  • Comparative analysis of the investment climate on the basis of available indices of economic prosperity, economic freedom, etc.


Client: ORANGE