15 Jun 2022 - 31 Oct 2022

Towards a Reform Strategy for Ukraine

Project description:

The proposed implementation strategy for the blueprint will be based on close cooperation with civil society in order to ensure the maximum effect and especially support for these needed reforms. The post-war era in the country will likely be sure and filled with competing priorities, and Ukrainian authorities might face a deficit of political will with painful transformations coming so soon after the disruption of the war. Against this backdrop, we envision a model of donors – and in particular an advisory group comprised of experts who have been through transition already – advising in the process of rebuilding, Ukrainian authorities implementing the plan, and CSOs assisting with monitoring from the grassroots level (and advising with adjustment of the rebuilding plan) as the most efficient way to move. More importantly, this model has proven to be efficient over the last eight years, as a model of cooperation with the IMF and the World Bank. And finally, given the high level of development in Ukraine’s civil society, it will also engage the social capital needed to ensure success. 


Project funding: Study Tours to Poland, Polish-American Freedom Foundation

Project duration: 15.06.2022 – 31.10.2022

CASE role: Leader

Project partners: CASE Ukraine

Experts: Dmytro Boyarchuk, Christopher Hartwell

CASE project manager: Stanislav Bieliei