CASE Policy Briefs, Europe, Financial sector, remittances

The Impact of Remittances on Poland’s Economy

This E-Brief reports on the results obtained with respect to the macroeconomic impact of remittances (simulated through a macro model of the Polish economy), as well as their effect at the household level and in terms of their regional distribution. The authors show that remittances have had a significant and positive impact on the Polish economy, and that the impact can be expected to increase with the expected rise in labor mobility in Europe over the next few years.

This E-Brief is a summary of  the report titled “Wpływ przepływów pieniężnych na polską gospodarkę w latach 1992-2012 – raport Western Union, przygotowany przez Centrum Analiz Społeczno-Ekonomicznych  - CASE”,   (Effects of Remittances on the Polish economy in the years 1992-2012 – report Western Union, prepared by CASE). The report in Polish is available here.