Katarzyna Pietka-Kosinska

Macroeconomics, public finance

M.A. Economics (1994) Warsaw University

Previous CASE projects:
· Poland: Macroeconomic background for the Study on the Social Protection Systems in the 13 Applicant Countries. Poland Country Report, (June 2002-Jan.2003)
· Built microeconometric model of social transfers' impact on labour supply as a part of the analysis of intergenerational poverty dynamics in cooperation with Mannheim-based ZEW Institute (Nov. 2000- Sept.2002)
· Poland, Ukraine: "Tax Inequality in Ukraine: Diagnoses, Impacts, and Reform Recommendations" (March-Sept. 2002)
· Poland: Study on the Polish employment promotion policies for older workers, International Labour Office (November - December 2001)
· Ukraine: Advisor to the Ukrainian Government under "Ukraine Macroeconomic Policy Program", USAID, (1997-1999)

English (Fluent), Polish (Fluent), Russian (Fluent)

project involvement: expert

case publications