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Proposals for the New President of Ukraine: A New Wave of Reform


Marek Dabrowski and Aleksandr Rohozynsky (CASE Ukraine) participated in a UNDP report for Ukraine, entitled Proposals for the New President: A New Wave of Reform.  

The report was prepared by the Blue Ribbon Commission - which includes independent experts alongside UNDP representatives in Ukraine. The work of the Commission was co-directed by Anders Aslund - chairman of CASE's Advisory Council. According to international experts, the result of the presidential elections of December 2004 has created an enormous opportunity for a change in the way the country is governed and how its economic policy is conducted. The Blue Ribbon Commission set out proposals for reforming economic policy along with a practical action plan that should be implemented during the first year of Viktor Yushchenko's presidency. Among the recommendations for the new president: reducing state corruption, increased effectiveness of social expenditure, improved regulation in the financial services sector and the liberalisation of fiscal policy. The most urgent action required in the area of foreign economic policy is Ukraine's accession to the World Trade Organization.

The public presentation of the report took place in 13 January 2005 in Kiev.

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