01 Jun 2022 - 30 Sep 2022

Belarus Beehive: Supporting New Initiatives for Transition and Reforms

Project description:

The objective is based on the assumption that the changes caused by the 2020 protests in the Belarusian society and in the level of its civil activism, though partially driven underground, are long-term and irreversible and that the demand for a fundamental change in the political system and sectoral reforms will continue to be strong and will lead to a change in the political regime within several year period. By that time the roadmaps for reform, sectoral action plans and the draft reforms developed in a participatory manner will be required. The Action will help the civil society of Belarus survive and continue operations in the repressive environment and help them to prepare as much as possible for the post-transition period when their expertise and engagement will be in need to support the reform process.

The reforms’ development process will be a participatory process with inclusion of multitude of stakeholders in contrast to previous attempts of the civil society and political opposition, whose reform agendas were elaborated without broad consultation and often with a strong political agenda


Objectives of the project:

  1. Provision of the coalitions and key stakeholders (the Coordination Council, the Office of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, the National Anti-Crisis Management, and others) with support in developing various analytical products. The developed analytical documents will be used in the current activities of the coalitions and stakeholders (before the democratic transition), as well as after the change of the regime, when there will be the need to revise and develop a large number of laws and regulations.
  2. Rise of awareness among the public about the importance and need of reforms and their content and to expand the circle of potential stakeholders.


In particular, CASE Belarus Team will deliver research paper and policy paper on two topics:
(1) Reform of the state-owned enterprise sector and
(2) Reform of the tax policy.


Project funding: Belarusian Association of Research Centers, BeeHive consortium

Project leader: CASE

Project duration: VI.2022 – IX.2022

Experts: Aleś Alachnovič, Yauheni Bury

CASE project manager: Stanislav Bieliei