11 Sty 2019
Publikacje zewnętrzne

Political And Economic Relations Between The V4 And Central Asian Countries After 1991

The publication was written within the project „Enhancing cooperation among Central Asia researchers in the Visegrad countries”.


About the project:

The on-going fundamental geopolitical, geoeconomic transformations in the region of Central Asia (CA) as well as in its individual countries create new opportunities and challenges for the Visegrad countries. The project identified a niche for closer cooperation among the V4 countries within the broader framework of the common foreign and security policy of the EU. The project strengthened the ability of V4 countries to take advantage of their geographic position to promote their economic interests and fully use the new opportunities offered by the fundamental geopolitical and geoeconomic changes in CA, including the One Belt One Road (OBOR) project. The project also helped elevate the role of Visegrad countries in the elaboration and effective implementation of the new Central Asia Strategy of the EU in areas where they have a clear competitive advantage.


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