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Strategies of Transition: A Political Economy Approach

Strategies of Transition: A Political Economy Approach [in:] Regional Experience and System Reform. Proceedings of the Eleventh World Congress of the International Economic Association. Tunis, edited by Justin Yifu Lin, Contemporary Economic Issues, no. 121, vol. 1, International Economic Association 1998, pp. 99-119.

'Chapter 6, by Marek Dabrowski, 'Strategies of Transition: A Political Economy Approach' deals mainly with the problems of how quicly and radically the new market rules and their individual components should be adopted in the formerly communist countries and what factors determine  the optimal speed. [...]

Dabrowski's study finds, generally speaking, that empirical experience in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union in 1989-94 shows that a faster and comprehensive economic reform gives more chances to minimize the economic, social and political costs of this process and avoid chronic macroeconomic mismanagement.'

Justin Yifu Lin,
Introduction Regional Experience and System Reform, pp. xx-xxi