date and location:
22 December 2003

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Strategies for Joining the European Economic and Monetary Union: a Comparative Analysis of Possible Scenarios

Conference materials: availalble only in English in pdf format at our website

Language of the conference: Polish


A conference summing up the first stage of the project entitled: Strategies for Joining the European Economic and Monetary Union: a Comparative Analysis of Possible Scenarios,  financed by the State Committee for Scientific Research.  Prof. Marek Dabrowski and Prof. Jacek Rostowski conducted the debates, and Prof. Leszek Balcerowicz opened the conference.


10.00-10.45      Introduction - Prof. Leszek Balcerowicz
10.45-12.30      Presentations:

•Monika Błaszkiewicz, Przemysław Woźniak: Do Candidate Countries Fit the Optimum-Currency-Area Criteria? (Studies and Analyses No. 267) Comment: Janusz Jankowiak
•Michał Brzozowski: Exchange rate variability and FDI - consequences of EMU enlargement. (Studies and Analyses No. 258) Comment: Maciej Krzak
•Artur Radziwiłł, Mateusz Walewski: Future EMU Membership and Wage Flexibility in Selected EU Candidate Countries (Studies and Analyses No. 265) Comment: Marek Góra

12.30-13.00      Coffee break
13.00-15.20      Presentations:

•Marek Jarociński: Nominal and Real Convergence in Spain, Portugal and Greece during Their Accession to the EMU (Studies and Analyses No. 256)
•Mateusz Szczurek: Exchange Rate Regimes and the Nominal Convergence (Studies and Analyses No. 266) Commentator: Bogusław Grabowski
•Małgorzata Antczak: Do Candidate Countries Need a Higher Fiscal Deficit? (Studies and Analyses No. 260)
•Joanna Siwińska, Piotr Bujak: Short-term Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Policy (Studies and Analyses No. 261Commentator: Jerzy Pruski

15.20-15.50      Coffee break
15.50-17.00      Presentations:

•Jacek Rostowski: When Should the Central Europeans Join EMU? (Studies and Analyses No. 253)
•Nikolai Zoubanov: Uneven Growth in a Monetary Union: on the Possible Implications for its Slow-Growing Members (Studies and Analyses No. 257Commentator: Krzysztof Rybiński
•Wojciech Paczyński: ECB Decision-making and the Status of the Eurogroup in an Enlarged EMU (Studies and Analyses No. 262Commentator: Andrzej Bratkowski