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12 Jun 2017 | NEWS

showCASE 31 | The EU-China summit in Brussels: Steely Resolve, No Resolution

The 19th bilateral EU-China summit was held on June 1-2 in Brussels but came to a disappointing end, as both sides failed to adopt a final common communique. This result was to some extent predictable, as the EU has been hesitant to award market-economy status (MES) to China, certifying that domestic price...

12 Jun 2017 | NEWS

showCASE 31 | Pension system in Poland deformed, not reformed

The Polish government is preparing a draft reform that will abolish the open pension funds (OFE) and transfer their savings to the public and private pillars of the pension system. The move potentially puts one quarter of future pensioner savings at risk. Read more in the lastest showCASE

06 Jun 2017 | NEWS

showCASE 30 | Could Ukrainians save the shrinking Polish labor market?

On May 11, the European Union approved visa-free travel for Ukrainian citizens. The new measures will allow Ukrainians with biometric passports to...

05 Jun 2017 | NEWS

showCASE 30 | G7 summit in Italy: six versus one?

The G7 summit on May 26-27 saw relations between the United States and Europe hit their lowest point since 2003, when the US-led military campaign...

29 May 2017 | NEWS

showCASE 29 | Diplomatic ping-pong between Teheran and Washington

In an unsurprising, yet reassuring, turn of events, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani last week was re-elected in a landslide, beating rival Ebrahim...

29 May 2017 | NEWS

showCASE 29 | European Union vs. Hungary: Where there's a will, there's a way?

During its plenary session on May 17th, the European Parliament has called for launching the Article 7 mechanism that could lead to far-reaching EU...

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June 12, 2017

Online CASE CPI index is an innovative measurement of price dynamics in the Polish economy, which is entirely based on online data. Online CASE CPI is constructed by averaging prices of commodities from last four weeks and comparing them to average prices of the same commodities from four weeks prior. The index is updated weekly.

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Corporate Membership Program

CASE invites businesses to join its Corporate Membership Program and help support an independent Polish think tank. The benefits of the program for businesses include: Undertaking common scientific projects; Exchanging knowledge and benefiting from CASE s vast experience; Engaging businesses in public debates on crucial matters of economic policy; Creating networking opportunities between gover...