Europe, Labor market, social policy and social services, Macroeconomics and macroeconomic policy, Poland, Research, shadow economy

Poland's Shadow Economy: its size, characteristics and social consequences



The main objective of this project is to measure the size of the shadow economy in Poland, and characterize the causes and effects of unregisted employment. The main research tool of the project will be a large survey, to be filled out by both businesses and households. Additionally, smaller-scale targeted surveys that are aimed at firms and their employees with specific characteristics will be carried out. The quantitative surveys will be accompanied by qualitative methodologies such as in-depth interviews and focus-groups. In-depth interviews will also be carried out with the representatives of institutions that regulate the labor market. The result will be a series of reports to be presented to the Polish Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.


Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs


Millward-Brown SMG-KRC