01 Oct 2018 - 31 Dec 2019

Just-in-time education

Project description:

Within the project CASE seeks to develop comprehensive financial skills of young people and promotes non formal education to enhance opportunities for people without professional experience on the modern labor market. The main objective of this project is to promote financial education among young people by conducting workshops, seminars and tutorials at local universities and in CASE offices. Within the project we tend to share our knowledge and experience among youngsters how to plan, control and manage own budget and to take responsibility for personal outcomes.

The specific objectives of the activities are:

  • to systematize and develop practical skills of personal budget management;
  • to elaborate successful practical approach to personal monthly/yearly budgeting;
  • to arise awareness among young people on importance of budget control and possible ways to invest resources (e.g. education, workshops, languages)
  • to facilitate the dialogue between different social groups in order to figure out challenges and issues they face in daily life;
  • to promote the social inclusion of youngsters on local/country/European levels;
  • to contribute to the European volunteering movement as a mean of strengthening active citizenship among young people.

The project is focused on young people's needs and designed to contribute to the capacity building of youngsters at the beginning of their professional career. We believe that knowledge in finances will learn them to structure goals and prioritize values. It will also allow them to create the plan and ensure their stability.

Project funding: Erasmus+ programme

Project coordinator: CASE

Project duration: 14 months (X.2018 – XII.2019)

Project partners: Chargée de mission, Citizens of Europe e.V.