01 Jan 2001 - 01 Dec 2001
EU accession, Europe, Research, Trade, economic integration and globalization

Intra-Industry Trade in Perfectly Competitive Markets: Policy Implications for Countries Accessing European Union

The project funded by the Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education - Economic Institute (CERGE-EI) was carried out in the period of Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, 2001 under the supervision of Jacek Cukrowski. The aim of the project was to explain the mechanism of intra-industry foreign trade based on the aversion of companies to risk and the associated need for market diversification, and an analysis of the effects concerning trade policy. The results of the project were published within the CASE - CEU Working Papers Series No. 40 and in WSG Discussion Paper No. 78 edited by Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration.