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Informal Economy in the New Member States & Croatia: Profile of Poland and Transitions of Unregistered and Self Employment



The project, carried out by CASE Fellow Mateusz Walewski, conducts a microeconometric analysis on available data sets to establish the profile of individuals who are working as unregistered employees, or who are self employed - partially or wholly - in the "informal" or "shadow" economy in Poland.

CASE findings are meant to contribute to the larger initiative undertaken by the Europe and Central Asia - Human Development Sector Unit (ECSHD) at the World Bank  which analyses the labor market and social institutions in the European Union's New Member States and Croatia.  The study looks at how the national contexts affect the incentives for individuals to enter and remain in unregistered employment and self employment in the shadow economy.  The topic has gained a particular importance in the wake of the international financial crisis, and the study hopes to uncover ways to encourage greater levels of participation in formal tax and social insurance institutions.

Upon the completion of the project the World Bank will deliver a policy report to the Ministers of Finance and Ministers of Labor and Social Policy/Social Protection in EU member countries, and countries aspiring to EU membership.


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