Advisory, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, Labor market, social policy and social services

Expert opinion on Strategy 2020

Project description

Provision of services requested by the Customer on the execution of his duties to the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and the Public Service according to the Contract number 39-K-11 on services for the examination of scientific and practical materials and study of issues of socio-economic development of Russia for the needs of the federal state budget institution of higher education "Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and the Public Service" dated "11" October 2011

Project Structure and Involvement of CASE

Examination of scientific and practical materials on socio-economic development of Russia on the following topics:
I. A new growth model:

  1.   A new economic growth model. Ensuring macroeconomic and social stability
  2.   Strategies for a better business climate and a more attractive investment potential in order to implement a sustainable growth model
  3.   From encouraging innovations to innovation-based growth

II.  Macroeconomics. Basic preconditions for growth:

  4.    Budgetary and Monetary Policy: Macroeconomic Parameters and Development of the Russian Economy
  5.    Tax policy
  6.    Pension system reform
  7.    Development of financial and banking sector

Part III.  New Social policy. Development of human capital:

  8.    Labour market
  9.    Migration policy
  10.    Reducing inequality and overcoming poverty
  11.    Health care policy
  12.    New school