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EU-UA Trade – Assessment of the economic impact of the Trade Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine

Project description

The EU and Ukraine have started negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement in 2007. In 2011 the negotiations were technically concluded. The Free Trade Agreement is referred to as a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area, and will be part of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement (AA). The study aims to assess the economic impact of conclusion of FTA between Ukraine and the European Union.

General Objective

General objectives of the project include conducting analysis, which results in an updated and comprehensive picture of the overall impact of the DCFTA between the EU and Ukraine, based on actual outcomes of the negotiations in terms of calendar of tariff reduction, of liberalisation of services, and of progressive removal of non-tariff barriers to trade.

Project Structure and Involvement of CASE

Consortium, implementing the project, is led by Ecorys. Project tasks under Ecorys responsibility include:
1) descriptive analysis of trade in goods and services, as well as FDI between EU and Ukraine,
2) tariff analysis, which takes into account pre-agreement schedules and changes due to the agreement,
3) CGE modelling,
4) update of the environmental baseline.

CASE tasks include:
1) updating of social baseline on the basis of developments since 2006, and fitting CGE model output indicators to the story,
2) leading the NTB analysis,
3) leading compliance cost analysis.

Project Output

1) assessment of economic impacts,
2) assessment of social impacts,
3) assessment of environmental impacts,
4) NTB analysis,
5) compliance cost analysis,
6) CGE model development,
7) interim report,
8) final report.

Sponsor: EC DG TRADE