01 Nov 2008 - 01 May 2009
Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, impact assessment, Research, Russia, trade policy, Trade, economic integration and globalization

Economic Impact of a Free Trade Area Agreement between the European Union and the Russian Federation on Selection Priority Areas



The study sought to provide a deeper assessment of an envisaged Free Trade Area Agreement (FTA) between the EU and the Russian Federation. It evaluated the economic impact and feasibility of a FTA in selected priority areas and assessed the social and environmental impact of a FTA on the EU and Russia.

The first part of the study was structured as follows: introduction, objectives, scope of analysis, methodology and basic assumptions, along with a brief update and overview of the post-2006 economic developments in Russia that might influence Russia's WTO membership and its economic relations with the EU.

This was followed by a chapter describing the CGE model (as used in the 2007 study), its proposed augmentation for the purpose of this study, assumptions, sources of data, and results, including their economic interpretation. The two next chapters outlined the outcome of the analysis on the environment and social imact, followed by a subsequent chapter on sectoral and horizontal issues (including the analysis of FDI flows).

A summary of the conclusions and policy recommandations form the final chapter. 


The Institute for the Economy in Transition (IET)


European Commission

Contracting Institution:

European Commission, DG Trade