01 Sep 2009 - 01 Nov 2009
Europe, human capital, Poland, Private sector development, innovation and knowledge-based economy, Research

Determinants of firm innovation development and human capital


One of the key problems of enterprises in Poland is the low level of innovation measured by each innovation indicator. The low level of innovation among Polish firms slows economic growth. This study explores the determinants of innovation levels in Polish firms in the context of skill and education levels of their employees. The study depicts innovation levels in Polish firms in comparison with those of other European Union nations and differentiates innovations levels in firms according to size, sector, etc. The study explores the influence of human capital on innovation levels, and compares internal and external effects. Finally, the study depicts the main characteristics of innovation politics and provides a series of recommendations. 


Polish Agency for Enterprise Development

Balcerowicz, Ewa, Anna Wziątek Jakubiak. Determinanty rozwoju innowacyjności firmy w kontekście poziomu wykształcenia pracowników . November 2009.