CASE welcomes professor Oleh Havrylyshyn as our new Fellow

We are delighted to announce that professor Oleh Havrylyshyn, an Economic Advisor to the Presidential Administration of Ukraine and a former Deputy Minister of Finance and International Affairs of Ukraine, has joined our team and became one of CASE Fellows.

Mr. Havrylyshyn has been a professor at Toronto University and the Joint Vienna Institute since 2007. He has been teaching courses on Economics of Transition, Eastward Enlargement of the EU, Political Economy of Transition in CIS Countries, The Economy of Independent Ukraine, and Trade and Globalization Tendencies in Post-Communist Countries. Until retirement in 2007 he was the IMF Deputy Director of the European Department. Apart from that he served in the Ukrainian government as a Deputy Minister of Finance and International Affairs. After the Euromaidan, he again saw hope for real reforms in Ukraine and has returned to work as an Economic Advisor to the Presidential Administration.

He completed his BA at Queen’s University, Canada. Following the defense of his PhD thesis at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), he pursued an academic career. He was a Professor of Economics at Queen’s University and George Washington University, as well as a Visiting Professor at University Libre de Bruxelles (1981-1982) and Geneva Institute of International Studies (1986-1987). Prof. Havrylyshyn published numerous papers in the fields of economics, development, and transition. His most recent publications include: Divergent Paths in Post-Communist Transformation: Capitalism for All or Capitalism for the Few?, Return to Growth in CIS Countries: Monetary Policy and Macroeconomic Framework (co-edited with L. Vinhas de Souza) and Structural Change in Transition: Comparing New EU States and CIS Countries.

Professor Havrylyshyn is passionate about languages – he is fluent in English, Ukrainian, and French, converses in Croatian, Serbian, and Italian, and is able to read Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.