01 Apr 2002 - 01 Jan 2004
Advisory, Europe, Post-communist transition and development issues, transition economies

An Evaluation of World Bank Assistance to the Transition Economies

CASE team of experts took part in the evaluation of the World Bank assistance to Transition Economies carried out by the Operation Evaluation Department of the World bank (see http://www.worldbank.org/oed/transitioneconomies/index.html).

Marek Dabrowski was the peer reviewer of both the final report and all thematic backround papers. In addition, CASE team of experts Barbara Blaszczyk, Jacek Cukrowski and Joanna Siwinska worked on a report assessing the effectiveness and accuracy of World Bank aid for Poland in the period of transformation (this work has been done in April-June 2002). Main theses of the report were presented in May 2002 at a conference in Washington. The report is available on the World Bank website: http://www.worldbank.org/oed/transitioneconomies/data_and_documents.html