Wing Thye Woo

Member of the CASE Advisory Council


Wing Thye Woo is Professor at the Department of Economics at the University of California at Davis. He is also the Special Advisor for East Asian Economies in the Millennium Project of the United Nations, and Visiting Researcher at the Earth Institute of Columbia University. He is the Director of the East Asia Program within the Center for Globalisation and Sustainable Development at ColumbiaUniversity. Wing Thye Woo's current research focuses on international financial architecture, economic growth, exchange rate economics, and the economic issues of East Asia (particularly China and Indonesia). He has published over 90 articles in professional economic journals and books on topics like exchange rate economics, current account determination, technological innovation and competitiveness, economic management in Indonesia and Malaysia, and competing interpretations of China's growth mechanisms; co-authored books on Indonesia and China; and edited volumes and special issues of journals on cross-country experiences with financial crisis, and economic transition.

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