16 Apr 2024

The project "CASE on Poland's Twenty Years in the EU" is starting

As part of the project "CASE on Poland's Twenty Years in the EU" we invite you to a series of lectures and panel discussions. We will focus on broadly defined issues related to Poland's membership in the European Union. We will discuss the complex aspects of institutional, economic, social, and political changes resulting from EU membership. We will not only limit ourselves to retrospection but also look to the future, considering possible future expansions.

The topics we intend to address cover various aspects of social and economic life. We will examine the impact of the single market on member states and consider the costs and benefits of introducing the euro. Considering the context of further expansions, we will reflect on the challenges for the free movement of people and the labor market, as well as the competitiveness of agriculture. We will also not forget to analyze the achievements of cohesion policy in the new member states and the future challenges it faces.

We are opening the series of project events with the 181st mBank-CASE Seminar entitled:

"20th Anniversary of Poland in the EU: What Worked and What Didn't? Lessons for the Future."

This year, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Poland in the European Union. Over the past two decades, Poland has experienced intense economic growth, developing infrastructure, improving the quality of life for its citizens, and building stronger ties with other member countries. We are proud of our achievements, although we know that there is still much work ahead of us.

We will discuss the future of Poland and the European Union at the seminar on April 17th, featuring:

Jan Olbrycht Ph.D.

Permanent rapporteur of the European Parliament for the EU's Multiannual Financial Framework (budget) and a Member of the European Parliament, serving in this capacity for 20 years.

Our online events not only expand knowledge about the European Union but also serve as an inspiring platform for discussion and exchange of views. We invite you to follow our website and social media!