25 Apr 2024
Financial sector

Summary of the 180th mBank-CASE Seminar

The seminar titled "BNPL (Buy Now - Pay Later) - Deferred Payment - A New Method of Financing Purchases," organized by mBank and CASE, brought together leading experts from the financial industry. Among the speakers were Sławomir Grzelczak, Vice President of the Management Board of the Credit Information Bureau and President of the Management Board of BIG InfoMonitor; Tomasz Hadzik, co-founder and Vice President of the fintech company PayPo; and Michał Macierzyński, Director of Digital Services Department at PKO BP.

During the seminar, a thorough analysis of the BNPL market development was conducted, both on a national and global scale. Experts examined the differences between various payment systems, particularly emphasizing the contrast between the Anglo-Saxon and continental models. The importance of legal regulations in the context of BNPL sector development was also highlighted.

During the discussion, experts presented specific examples of the benefits of using BNPL for both consumers and online retailers. Attention was drawn to the dynamic growth of the BNPL sector in Poland and trends in the use of these services by different age and social groups.

Subsequently, experts addressed the key challenges facing the further development of the BNPL sector. The need to maintain a balance between innovation and financial security for customers was emphasized, as well as the necessity of developing adequate regulations that will enable sustainable and balanced growth of this sector.

The conclusions drawn from the discussion pointed to the need for further work on optimizing business models in the BNPL sector and strengthening data exchange and transparency in the market, so that all participants can make informed decisions regarding the use of BNPL services.

Below is a detailed summary of the event:

Seminar's summary


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