01 Feb 2019 - 31 Dec 2020
Labor market, social policy and social services

Strengthening the system of integration of refugees in Poland

The project activities include the analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to the implementation of Individual Integration Programmes (IIPs) of refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection and their families in Poland. On the basis of the analysis and available source materials, proposals for changes with respect to the construction of the Programmes themselves – including the tools available to social workers which would support their work with foreigners and enable them to assess its results – as well as to the legal and institutional environment for the implementation of the IIPs are developed.


Objectives of the project:

  1. Supporting social workers implementing IIPs by providing them with opportunities to exchange experience and network as well as through providing potential training.
  2. Development of a tool supporting the work of social workers with foreigners who have been granted international protection status that would enable monitoring and evaluation of IIPs (within the framework of existing legal provisions).
  3. Development of recommendations concerning possible changes in IIPs and in the legal and institutional environment, aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the provided assistance.


Project leader: UNHCR Poland

Project partners: CASE,  WCPR – Warszawskie Centrum Pomocy Rodzinie (Warsaw Family Help Center)