• Ph.D. Physical-Mathematical Sciences, USSR Academy of Sciences (1989),
  • M.Sc. Engineering-Economics, Frunze Polytechnic Institute (1986).



Russian (native), English (fluent)

Roman Mogilevsky

CASE Fellow

CASE Fellow


  • macroeconomics
  • fiscal and social policy
  • foreign trade
  • agricultural economics



Current Positions:

  • Executive Director, CASE-Kyrgyzstan (Aug 1998-present),
  • Project Coordinator, University of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan (Oct 2011-present).

Previous Positions:

  • Consultant for, among others: Kyrgyzstan Government, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, EC, UNDP, USAID projects (1998-2011).


Selected Publications:

  • Lukashova I., Makenaeva I., and Mogilevsky R. (2012) Analysis of Public Expenditures on Social Sector in the Kyrgyz Republic 2007-2010. UNICEF.
  • Mogilevsky R. (2011) Public Expenditures on Education and Health in the Kyrgyz Republic before and after the Global Financial Crisis. CASE Network Report No. 97/2011.
  • Mogilevsky R. and Omorova A. (2011) Macroeconomic Strategies of MDG Achievement in the Kyrgyz Republic. CASE Network Report No. 95/2011.
  • Jandosov O., Sabyrova L. and Mogilevsky R. (2010) Fiscal Anti-Crisis Package by the Government of Kazakhstan in 2009. Part 2: How Effective? RAKURS Discussion Paper, No. 8.2.
  • Luecke M., Mahmoud T.O., Mogilevsky R. et al. (2009) Income and Distribution Effects of Migration and Remittances: an Analysis Based on CGE Models for Selected Countries. CASE Network Report No. 86/2009.
  • Ganiev B., Abdurazakov A., Mogilevsky R. et al. (2006) Central Asia: Increasing Gains from Trade through Regional Cooperation in Trade Policy, Transport, and Customs Transit. Asian Development Bank.
  • Mogilevsky R., Atamanov A., Brudzynski R. et al. (2005) Regional Cooperation in Central Asia. A View from Kyrgyzstan. Problems of Economic Transition, Vol. 48, No. 8, pp. 5–61.
  • Mogilevsky R. (2005) Options for Fiscal Policies Aimed at Sustaining Education, Health Care, and Social Protection Systems in the Kyrgyz Republic. In: The Role of Public Administration in Alleviating Poverty and Improving Governance/Edited by Jak Jabes, Asian Development Bank.
  • Mogilevsky R. et al. (2005) Regional Cooperation in Central Asia: A View from Kyrgyzstan. Problems of Economic Transition, Vol. 48, No. 8.
  • Mogilevsky R. (2003) Millennium Development Goals Progress Report for Kyrgyzstan. UNDP.
  • Reynolds M., Khan A.R., R.Mogilevsky et al. (2002) The Macroeconomics of Poverty: the Case Study of the Kyrgyz Republic. UNDP.
  • Mogilevsky R. (1999) Kyrgyzstan. Common Country Assessment. UN System.

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