Handbook on countering online disinformation at the local and regional level

Handbook on countering online disinformation at the local and regional level, a new report for the European Committee of the Regions by Katarzyna W. Sidło, Agnieszka Kulesa, Oskar Chmiel (CASE) and Tony Zamparutti, Matthew Jones, Tugce Tugran, Laura Vona, Leïla Navas (Milieu S.R.L.)

This study, ‘A handbook on good practice in countering disinformation at local and regional level’ was developed in the context of a contract carried out by Milieu Consulting for the Committee of the Regions CIVEX Commission. Disinformation is a phenomenon that affects all levels of government. Given their proximity to the day-to-day lives of EU citizens, local and regional authorities (LRAs) have a frontline role to play in countering online disinformation. The ultimate objective of the study was to provide concrete recommendations and guidance to LRAs in support of efforts to fight online disinformation.


Research for this study was undertaken through a mixture of literature review and interviews. An initial long-list of literature was drawn up, covering online disinformation as a phenomenon, treatment of online disinformation at European level, and practices to counter online disinformation, with a focus on Europe and the local and regional level. Following the initial literature review, a typology of different practices to fight online disinformation was developed and further research was undertaken to uncover practices. Three examples of good practice were chosen as case studies in agreement with the Committee of the Regions.


In parallel to the general literature review, nine interviews were undertaken with major stakeholders working on online disinformation at European level. A full list of interviewees can be found in the Annex. During research for the case studies, a further six interviews were carried out. Following the research stage, recommendations were developed collectively through an internal workshop involving all team members for the study.


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