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BALKANDIDE - Study on Social Dimension in the Candidate Countries - Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Turkey


The consortium composed of of TARKI Social Research Institute (Hungary), CASE - Center for Social and Economic Research (Poland) and CEPS - Centre for European Policy Studies (Belgium) was awarded a contract by the European Commission to analyse the socio-economic developments and the process of structural reforms in Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Turkey and idenify major challanges in the current demographic, social and economic context, which can be considered most pertinent for determining candidate countries' capacity to function in the Union.

 The project assessed recent reform efforts and major current issues for further reform that will allow the candidate countries to participate in the process of economic and monetary integration and to become active members of the Union in all aspects of the civil society, political and cultural life. The outputs of the project are four country studies and a synthesis report, which provide a comprehensive overview of the social situation in the countries in question.

Project Reports
ENEPRI Research Report No. 37
ENEPRI Research Report No. 40


European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities


TARKI Social Research Institute (Hungary)

CEPS - Centre for European Policy Studies (Belgium)