Changes in Industrial Competitiveness as a Factor of Integration: Identifying Challenges of the Enlarged Single European Market

Final Conference
25-26th November 2005


Sándor Buzás, Miklós Szanyi "Changes in Competitiveness of Hungarian Manufacturing Industries Between 1995-2003"
Vlastimil Gejdos, Martin Mrazek, Josef Plandor, David Vonka "Changes in competitiveness of Czech manufacturing"
Iga Magda, Anna Wziątek-Kubiak "Changes in Competitive Position of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland in the EU Market"
Iga Magda, Anna Wziątek-Kubiak "Differentiation of Changes in Competitiveness Among Polish Manufacturing Industries"


Ewa Balcerowicz, Maciej Sobolewski "Competitiveness of the Polish Manufacturing Sector: Does Government Policy Matter?" Appendix
Darko Hajdukovic, Iraj Hashi, Erjon Luci "Can Government Policy Influence Industrial Competitiveness: Evidence from Poland and the Czech Republic"
Patrik Paneš, Alena Zemplinerová "State Subsidies and Competitiveness of Czech Manufacturing Industries"
Miklos Szanyi "Government Policies Affecting Competitiveness 1989-2003"


Isabel Álvarez, Antonio Fonfría "Structural Change and Performance in Spanish Manufacturing: Some Evidence on the Structural Bonus Hypothesis and Explanatory Factors"
Darko Hajdukovic, Iraj Hashi "Determinants of Industrial Restructuring in the Pre-Accession Transition Economies: The Case of Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland"
Krzysztof Marczewski, Krzysztof Szczygielski "Process of Structural Change in Polish Manufacturing between 1995- 2003: Characteristics and Factors"
Andrei Medvedev, Alena Zemplinerova "Driving forces behind the structural change of the Czech manufacturing during 1998-2002"
Mary O'Donnell "Aspects of Structural Change in Irish Manufacturing: An examination of the Pre-Accession and Post-Accession and 1995-02 periods"
Miklos Szanyi "Relationship of structural change and competitiveness in Hungarian manufacturing 1998-2003"


"Labour costs versus labour market development. Empirical evidence for Polish, Czech and Hungarian manufacturing industry"
Petr Bulava, Klára Fóti, Jaromír Gottvald, Jaroslaw Oczki, Milan Šimek, Zenon Wiśniewski "The Impact of Demographic Situation on the Labour Market Development and International Migration in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary"
Sándor Buzás, Klára Fóti "Changes in Competitiveness - the Impacts on Labour Market in the Case of Hungary"
Lenka Filipová, Jaromír Gottvald, Milan Šimek "Impact of changes in competitiveness on Czech labour market developments"
Paweł Gajewski, Paweł Kaczorowski, Tomasz Tokarski "Impact of Changes in Competitiveness on Labour Market Developments in Polish Industry over the Years 1995-2003"
Paweł Gajewski, Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski "Comparative Analysis of Three Accession Countries on Impact of Changes in Competitiveness on Labour Market Developments"


Dora Borbély "Foreign Trade Specialization on the EU Market: Dynamics, Determinants and Competitiveness"


Isabel Álvarez, Antonio Fonfría, Raquel Marín "The role of networking in the competitiveness profile of Spanish firms"
Katerina Goldfeinova, Alexandra Putzova, Alena Zemplinerova "The Importance of Foreign-Owned Enterprises for the Competitiveness of Czech manufacturing"
Michał Górzyński, Richard Woodward, Piotr Wójcik "Networks and Competitiveness in Foreign and Domestic Firms: The Polish Case"
Mary O'Donnell "Interfirm Cooperation and Knowledge Transfers: Some Case Study Evidence From Irish Manufacturing"
Magdolna Sass "Competitiveness and Networking - the Case of Hungary"
Richard Woodward, Piotr Wójcik "Networks and competitiveness in foreign and domestic firms"


Paul J.J. Welfens "Impact of the Real Exchange Rate on Trade, Structural Change and Growth"


Adam A. Ambroziak "State Aid as an Instrument for Reinforcing Competitiveness of Polish Undertakings. Necessity for Retargeting of the Granted Aid ?"
Tomasz Brodzicki, Krystyna Gawlikowska-Hueckel, Anna Golejewska, Joanna Kuczewska, Anna Zielińska-Glebocka "Policy Implications in the Area of Industrial Policy"
Jorge Nunez "Policy Implications for Member States and the EU"