About CASE

We are an independent non-profit economic and public policy research institution founded on the idea that evidence-based policy making is vital to the economic welfare of societies. Established in 1991 in Warsaw, CASE scholars and researchers assisted policy-makers during the early years of transition, before turning their attention to the challenges inherent in the European Union enlargement process and then EU key policy challenges in the globalized world. While remaining focused on our five core thematic areas of: (1) European Neighbourhood Policy, enlargement, trade and economic integration, (2) labour markets, human capital and social policy, (3) innovation, competitiveness and entrepreneurship, (4) reforms, growth and poverty reduction in developing and transition countries, (5) macroeconomics and public finance, we want to contribute to new debates facing Europe, including the economic impact of climate change mitigation policies and the economics of energy policy.

In addition to consolidating our position in the European research market, we are also broadening our geographic horizons by going beyond our traditional countries of interests, i.e., the Western Balkans and the Commonwealth of Independent States.  Starting in 2006, we became active in the Middle East and Africa, where we hope to strengthen our presence by competing for technical assistance projects. 

Networking and communications activities remain central to our organizational development. As CASE entered its twentieth year of existence in 2011, we want to build on our relationships with our own internal network, associated organizations, and membership in international and external networks, partnerships and alliances to make our research and expertise available and have a growing impact in the European policy debate. Reaching out to an increasing number of international experts is another priority we are working on.

This Website and its links are designed to provide an easy access to our research, experts and projects we are involved in. If you have comments, please let us know at case@case-research.eu.

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CASE Management Board


Integrity Policy

CASE and its daughter-organizations draw on the knowledge and experience of a range of experts in order to carry out high quality research and advisory activities. Many of these experts have been and continue to be involved at the highest levels of academic, business, government and the non-profit sector.

In the areas of policy advocacy, participation in political activity and publications, CASE has drafted careful policies to distinguish its institutional identity from the identities and activities of its staff and experts:

  • CASE and its daughter-organizations do not institutionally participate in policy advocacy. In their research, writing and speaking activities, individual CASE experts, or small teams of experts, often advocate particular policies as the result of specific projects. When doing so, experts are solely representing themselves as individuals.
  • The above does not apply to policy issues affecting the institutional interests of CASE and its daughter-organizations in the countries in which they operate, nor does it apply to policy issues affecting the non-governmental organization sector as a whole in these same countries.
  • CASE and its daughter-organizations do not institutionally endorse political candidates and political parties, nor do they participate in political campaigns. CASE experts who wish to participate in politics and/or endorse political candidates may do so only during their personal time and supported by their personal resources. CASE experts who wish to devote considerable personal time and effort to participating in political activities and campaigns should refrain from simultaneously participating in CASE projects.
  • CASE's publications series provide several forums in which scholars and experts can post their research and advance their point of view. Materials published within CASE publications reflect the views of the author(s) and not the views of CASE as an institution.
  • Neither CASE, nor its daughter-organizations, nor its affiliated scholars and experts engage in lobbying or other political activities on behalf of our project sponsors and institutional supporters.