Susan Schadler

Member of the CASE Advisory Council

Susan Schadler works in the areas of macroeconomic policy analysis, financial market analysis and institutional evaluation. Previously Deputy Director of the European Department at the International Monetary Fund, she directed the IMF's research program on euro adoption in Central Europe and led research teams addressing income convergence in Central and Eastern Europe, financial markets' assessment of risk in emerging markets, and design of fiscal rules. At the same time, she led IMF surveillance missions to the Czech Republic, Germany, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Her institutional evaluation work earlier in her tenure at the IMF covered key issues in how the IMF approaches macroeconomic problems, including surges in capital inflows, selection of a nominal anchor during disinflation episodes, large fiscal adjustments, elimination of financial market repression, and containing rapid private sector wage increases.


Dr. Schadler is currently consulting with the Independent Evaluation Office of the IMF and writing a book on crises and convergence in emerging markets.  For a full curriculum vitae and publication list see