date and location:
25 April 2023
25 Apr 2023

The debate “Perspectives and Policy for Ukraine’s Post-war Economy. What should be done after the Russian aggression is over?” at the Warsaw School of Economics.

On April 25, we kindly invite to the debate “Perspectives and Policy for Ukraine’s Post-war Economy. What should be done after the Russian aggression is over?" with the participation of international experts, organized by the Warsaw School of Economics and CASE - Center for Social and Economic Research under the auspices of CIVICA

For more than a year, the armed forces of the Russian Federation have continued an unprecedented attack in the post-war history of Europe on the neighboring country of Ukraine. The war in Eastern Europe has serious consequences for Ukraine, its population, the European Union and the whole world. With the Russian invasion, the international order, both political and economic, changed. The social and economic situation of Ukraine itself has also changed.

Paradoxically, the imminent economic collapse that Ukraine is currently experiencing due to the war, additionally compounded by the lack of serious economic reforms in the first decades of its independence, creates a unique opportunity for a deep economic transformation, which Ukraine has a chance to initiate the day after the final repulse of Russian aggression.

So what should be Ukraine's economic policy after the end of the war? What strategic goals should the Ukrainian government set for itself, taking advantage of the unprecedented support of public opinion for the work of reform and integration with the EU? What negative phenomena and trends present in the economic life of this country should be eliminated in order for the reform plan to be crowned with success?

The debate will take place on April 25 at 15.00-17.00 in Aula II of the Warsaw School of Economics, al. Niepodległości 162. The event will be held in English.Due to the BRAVO and CHARLIE-CRP alert level applicable throughout the territory of the Republic of Poland, persons intending to participate in the debate in situ are kindly requested to register in advance.

Participants of the debate:

• prof. Sergei Guriev, Rector (Provost) of Sciences Po in Paris, Chief Economist of the EBRD in 2016-2019

• dr hab. Leszek Balcerowicz, prof. Warsaw School of Economics, author of Polish economic reforms in the 1990s and lecturer at Warsaw School of Economics

• prof. Tymofyi Mylovanov, president of the Kyiv School of Economics

• The debate and Q&A session will be moderated by dr hab. Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak, prof. SGH, vice-rector for science at the Warsaw School of Economics.

The special guest of the debate will be the Executive Director of CASE Ukraine, Dmytro Boyarchuk, who heads the team of authors who prepared the expert report “Economic priorities in post-war Ukraine. A blueprint for reform” (February 2023).The debate, organized jointly by the Warsaw School of Economics and CASE, will be available to participants from 10 universities forming the CIVICA alliance - European University of Science and Social Sciences and five Ukrainian universities participating in the CIVICA for Ukraine program. It will be broadcast on the SGH You Tube channel. Participants in the meeting remotely will be able to ask questions in the comments. They will then be forwarded to the moderator of the debate. 

An event that will complement the debate on the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine will be a meeting with prof. Sergei Guriev in connection with the publication by Wydawnictwo Otwarte of the Polish version of the book "Spin dictators. The New Face of Tyranny in the 21st Century, which he co-wrote with Daniel Treisman in 2022.A critical introduction to the main theses of the monograph will be presented by dr hab. Krzysztof Kozlowski, prof. Warsaw School of Economics, director of the Institute of International Studies at Warsaw School of Economics, who also serves as vice-rector for didactics and students. Then, Prof. Sergei Guriev will be signing the book at the Warsaw School of Economics bookstore.The meeting will be held on April 26 at 17.00-18.30 in the Parachute Hall of the Warsaw School of Economics, al. Niepodległości 162. The meeting will be conducted in English.