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EuroMeSCo Annual Conference 2023

EuroMeSCo is announcing the upcoming 2023 Annual Conference, themed "From the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership to a Euro-Mediterranean Geostrategic Alliance", scheduled for October 9-11. CASE, as a member of EuroMeSCo, will join the event, hosted by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union, and Cooperation.

Experts, EU policymakers, representatives from international institutions, as well as members of civil society and the private sectore, will delve into how the existing mechanisms and institutions of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation can adapt to facilitate a renewed partnership between the EU and its southern neighbors. This collaboration aims to address some of the socio-economic consequences stemming from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with a particular focus on matters such as food security.

Oskar Chmiel, expert from CASE, will join the panel: BUSINESS PLATFORM 2023 : EuroMeSCo – Euro-Mediterranean Research, Dialogue, Advocacy.

Explore innovative solutions and strategies for a more interconnected and resilient Euro-Mediterranean region! Join the conference for the live coverage of the event.


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