date and location:
22 April 2021

Urban Mobility & Smart Ageing

CASE is an institutional partner of the Urban Mobility & Smart Ageing (UMSA) Conference, which will take place between April 22-24, 2021.

Our economist Karolina Zubel will participate in a panel discussion Innovation in safe and age-friendly urban communities (April 23, between 3.30 and 4.45 p.m.). The title of her speech is Urban Farming and Well-Being of the Elderly: Social, Environmental and Health-related benefits.

The UMSA is an independent, multinational networking conference, where urban mobility and all related ageing issues are in the spotlight. It will also open the doors to the International Exhibition and Startup Village for latest know-how and technological solutions. Cutting-edge innovations, interdisciplinary research, scientific progress, business and governmental strategies will find its embedment in UMSA.

Mobility has become one of the key issues in society today. Environmental problems and pandemic effects lead to changes in transportation, the quality of life in urban communities, and the development of urban clusters. At the same time, the ageing challenge triggers a profound impact on the social fabric of cities.

By 2030 all major urban centres in the OECD will see a sharp increase in the number of elderly – the share of aged 60 and above will grow from 30% to 39%. For the first time in history, the elderly will be the largest age group by 2045.

The global ageing of urban populations calls for more age-friendly approaches to be implemented. Cities will need to adapt and develop a number of short and longer-term strategies, integrating assistive technologies, to ensure they respond adequately to both the challenges and opportunities that an ageing population present.

All these challenges affect government and community engagement, and additionally the huge universe of R&D, innovation, business and corporate solutions linked to it.