Advisory, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, Institutional reforms, Montenegro, public administration

The new role of CSOs in the implementation and monitoring of public policy at the local level


Project description:

Overall objective of the proposed action is strengthening the role of CSOs and local governments  in the implementation and monitoring of Strategic development plans at local level (SDPs). Expected results of the project are (i) increased inclusion of CSO’s in implementation and monitoring of strategic local plans through increase of CSOs representatives in consultative bodies; (ii) build capacities of local staff in municipalities for monitoring and evaluation through training programs and seminars; (iii) increased capacities of local CSO’s for monitoring of local public policies through training programs and seminars (iv) established network of local CSOs for implementation and monitoring of SDPs; (v) enhanced and continuous communication between CSOs and local authorities through round tables, newsletter etc; (vi) raised awareness among citizens and CSOs on SDPs and results of their implementation.


General objective:

Specific objectives of the action include strengthening of the capacities and involvement of CSOs in implementation and monitoring of SDP’s  at the local level  and increasing citizens' awareness of the importance of SDP’s in 10 Montenegrin municipalities.


Project Structure and Involvement of CASE:

  • CASE experts will be co-authors of Manual for monitoring of the SDPs implementation and training modules
  • CASE experts will be trainers at training for monitoring SDPs
  • Provision of training on good governance and monitoring together with ISSP
  • CASE experts will give recommendation of best practices for implementation and monitoring of local plans in other countries and presentation of these recommendations in a publication.



The Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognoses - ISSP

Center for European Education



European Union, represented by the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro