27 Dec 2019 - 30 Apr 2021

Technical Assistance in Realisation of the European Commission 5th Progress Report on Renewable Energy

Project description:

Article 22 of the RES Directive requires Member States to report to the European Commission on progress in the promotion and use of renewable energy. These reports, detailing in particular the sectorial and overall shares of renewable energy in the two preceding calendar years and the measures taken at national level to promote the renewable energy, as well as other elements listed in Article 22, shall be submitted to the European Commission every two years starting from 31 December 2011. The last round of Member State renewable energy progress reports was due by end of 2019. On the basis of these reports and its own research, the Commission shall report by the end of 2020 on the progress in renewable energy development in the EU, as required by the RES Directive (Art. 23).

The RES Directive (Article 17 and Article 23) also includes sustainability criteria for biofuels, and rules for reporting and monitoring the compliance with these criteria. The European Commission is reporting every two years to the European Parliament and the Council on the results of this monitoring. Through the legislative procedure on ILUC (COM (2012)595) further biofuel reporting requirements have been added.

Article 18(6) of the RES Directive further requires the Commission to report on the operation of the voluntary schemes that it has recognised. As of 2018 this is done as part of the progress report.

Objectives of the project:

The objective of the project is to provide Technical assistance in preparation of the European Commission 5th progress report on renewable energy in Europe. This assistance shall include:

- data collection, analysis and assessment of the progress in deployment of renewable energy, and national measures promoting such deployment, in the 28 EU Member States on the basis of the Member State renewable energy progress reports that will be submitted in beginning of 2020, other reports and studies, and own research;

- data collection on the EU biofuel, biomass and biogas markets and impacts of the EU consumption of biofuels, biomass and biogas

CASE will contribute to the assessment of measures & non-economic barriers for eight countries (Estonia, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania), and to the recommendations to be drafted per Member State.

Project funding: DG ENER

Project leader: Navigant, a Guidehouse Company

Project partners: Energy Economics Group TU Wien, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI, Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research (REKK)

Experts: Karolina Zubel, Valentina Ivan, Migle Grigiene, Marika Rosa