• BA (hons) Social Sciences (Sociology), University of Leicester (1979),
  • Diploma in Careers Guidance, Nottingam Trent University (1980),
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial and Business Studies, University of Warwick (Warwick Business School) (2001).

English (native).

Susan Maguire

CASE Fellow

CASE Fellow


  • social policy
  • Youth transitions
  • Young people
  • NEET
  • Policy development
  • Post-16 education and training


Dr Susan Maguire is a CASE Fellow and is a Professorial Fellow at the Centre for Education and Industry (CEI), University of Warwick. Her main area of research is youth transitions, with a particular focus on disadvantaged and disaffected young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) and are faced with diminishing labour market opportunities and increasing employer demand for skills and qualifications.  She has conducted research and published widely on the efficacy of measures to address the problems these groups encounter, including the role of intensive personal support and financial assistance and incentives. Dr Maguire has been engaged in policy-related research focusing on education, employment and training since 1988. Much of this work has been undertaken for the Department for Education directing the longitudinal process evaluation of the Activity and Learning Agreement Pilots, managing the evaluation of the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) pilots and being the consortium manager for the evaluation of the Adult Learning Grant.  She has particular expertise in conducting implementation and process of qualitative studies, as well as evaluating the impact of national policy initiatives, predominantly for government departments and agencies. Her recent publications and research p-projects include: “What Measures Can Be Taken to Address the Specific Problem of Young People Who Are NEET” and” A Lost Generation? Understanding and preventing NEETs in the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Japan”.



Current Positions:

  • CASE Fellow,
  • Honorary Professor, University of Bath Institute for Policy Research,

  • Research Director at Maguire Policy Research.

Previous Positions:

  • Principal Research Fellow, Centre for Education and Industry, University of Warwick, UK (2004-2010),
  • Research Fellow, Centre for Research in Social Policy, University of Loughborough, UK (1999-2004),
  • Self-employed Research Consultant (1995-1999).


Selected Publications:

  • Maguire, S. (2013) 'Will Raising the Participation Age (RPA) solve the NEET problem in England?' Research In Post-Compulsory Education 18 (1-2), 61 - 75.
  • Maguire, S. , Newton, B. (2011) 'Activity Agreement Pilots - trialling different approaches to re-engaging young people not in education, eemployment or training (NEET): Evaluation of the 2009-10 extension.', Department for Education Research Report DFE-RR086, 1 - 52, [Report to Government]
  • Maguire, S., Thompson, J., Hillage, J., Dewson, S., Miller, L., Johnson, C., Newton, B., Bates, P. and Page, R. (2009) 'Activity agreement pilots: process evaluation', Research report DCSF-RB095, 1 - 43, Editors: DCSF, Research report DCSF-RB095 [Report to Government]
  • Hillage, J., Johnson, C., Maguire, S., Perry, J., Purdon, S. and Finch, S. (2009) 'Learning agreement pilots evaluation: synthesis report', Research report DCSF-RR071, 1 - 47, Nottingham: Department for children, schools and families, Research report DCSF-RR071 [Report to Government]
  • Hillage, J., Johnson, C., Newton, B., Maguire, S., Tanner, E. and Purdon, S. (2008) 'Activity agreements evaluation: synthesis report', 1 - 43, Nottingham: Department for children, schools and families, Research report DCSF-RR063