01 Jun 2007 - 01 Dec 2007
economic growth, Europe, Private sector development, innovation and knowledge-based economy, Research, Slovakia, Trade, economic integration and globalization

Slovakia: Research of FDIs in motor vehicles sector



With a focus on the automotive sector, gather data on which foreign producers entered the market, when, what investments were made and when; data on the performance of the producers (focus on labor productivity); suppliers used; overall characteristics of the market - size, concentration, trends, profitability, productivity; competitors; key domestically-owned companies.  Some interviews with companies will be conducted, as well as description of regulations and policies that help in explaining the success of the industry will be provided.

Main research questions and outcomes:

  1. Factors decisive in Slovakia specialization in the automotive sector
  2. Impact of automotive investments for Slovakia economic growth
  3. Factors that drove growth in Slovakia and  what made it possible for the car industry to flourish



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