01 Dec 2015 - 01 Apr 2016
Advisory, Global/Multiregional, Trade, economic integration and globalization

Scope to bring EU-Turkey Trade and Investment Relations up to date

Project description

EU Trade and economic relations are governed by the Customs Union agreement that entered into force on 31 December 1995, and by subsequent agreements, notably on agricultural products. The Workshop organized by the European parliament will address the following issues:

  1. EU-Turkey trade and investment relations: strength and weaknesses
  2. Trade rationale for updating the Custom Union
  3. Scope for adapting EU-Turkey trade and investment relations to the 21st century models
  4. Conclusions and policy recommendations for the European Parliament

2 CASE experts will be expected to address the issues listed above in their presentations during the workshop and two write 2 studies which underpin their presentations. They should also outline EU and Turkish strategies towards modernized trade and investment relations. 


General Objectives of the Project

Presentations and studies will discuss the potential of EU-Turkey trade relations and its obstacles. They should also provide guidance to the European Parliament on whether and how to improve the EU-Turkey trade and investment relations.


Project Structure and Involvement of CASE

If CASE is not implementing the project alone first describe the involvement of CASE in the project and then explain how this fits into the larger consortium implemented project; WP’s, are workshops planned, etc) (What part of the research will be completed by CASE? Describe the role CASE plays in the project) 

2 workshop presentations and two studies prepared by 2 CASE experts (Turkish and European)


Project Output

2 workshop presentations and two studies.


Contracting institution: European Parliament

Sponsoring program and/or organization: the 2014-2018 European Parliament Framework Contract “Research networks to provide foreign policy expertise”, FWC, Lot 7, Trade

Leader of the consortium: LSE