01 Nov 2014 - 01 Jan 2015
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Preparing the prognosis of development of cabotage services in land transportation of goods

Project description:

The main aim of the project is the preparation of a prognosis of development of cabotage services in land transportation of goods in the perspective of up to 5 years (assessment of benefits and costs, shifts in competitive advantage) based on the EU and its member states’ regulations, as well as proposed changes in social harmonization. The prognosis covers two aspects:

1.   Social and economic impact - assessment of: benefits and costs for the whole EU economy; loss of workplaces in the EU on the account of higher employment costs,
2.   Environmental impact – comparing the decline in CO2 emissions thanks to the use of cabotage services with the potential emission created as the consequence of proposed social harmonization; facultative assessment of CO2 emissions decrease thanks to cabotage liberalization.

General objectives of the project:

The aim of the project is to prepare the prognosis of development of cabotage in the international road transport. The prognosis will address the issue of domestic deficit and external demand for cabotage services in selected countries. The research will show whether which markets – if any – need to employ cabotage services from other countries due to the shortage of domestic supply. We will verify the thesis stating that carriers from “new” countries contribute to the development of Western European states and contribute to favorable balance of national economy.  

Project structure and involvement of CASE:

CASE is responsible for:
1.    Analysis of the available data.
2.    Preparation of the econometric model.
3.    Assessment of the social and economic impact of the prognosis.
4.    Assessment of the social and environmental impact of the prognosis.
5.    Preparation of the final report .

Project output:

Report „Analysis of development of cabotage services in the international road transport of goods” (in Polish)