01 Oct 2007 - 01 Sep 2009
Europe, Poland, Private sector development, innovation and knowledge-based economy, R&D, Research

Poland: Foreign Research and Development Centers Located in Poland: Impact and Capacity Assessment



The goal of the project is to identify FDIs in R&D activity in Poland and provide a capacity and impact assessment of these activities. The assessment will cover science and the innovative capacities of the investments in the sector's division. The investment factors will be also analyzed as well as the stimulants and barriers of FDI in R&D in Poland. Impact assessment will be based on the qualitative and quantitive survey of foreign R&D centers as well as cooperating companies and institutions (e.g. HEI, JBR or PAN units). That part of the research will be accompanied by the analysis of the factors which may stimulate or block the spillover effect of  DI in R&D to domestic companies and institutions.


Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education