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mBank - CASE Seminars

The Seminars are a renowned series of public lectures and panel discussions, jointly initiated in 1992 by CASE, then a young, private economic think tank, and PBR - Polish Development Bank, a new Polish bank. Since then, they have been organized systematically for 27 years. When PBR merged with BRE Bank in 1998, the seminars were organized thanks to the generous support of BRE Bank and changed their name to BRE – CASE Seminars.

The Seminars provide a forum for discussion among academics, economists, bankers, students of economics and journalists specializing in economic affairs. The lectures address the key issues of macroeconomics, the financial sector and public finance in Poland and the European Union, the monetary union, as well as important issues of economic policy in Poland, the EU and worldwide. Since 2011, seminar sessions have been broadcast on the Polish Financial Portal After each seminar, an electronic publication is prepared and contains texts prepared by the guest speakers or authorized transcriptions of the seminar proceedings.

Since January 2014, further to the BRE Group rebranding and renaming process, the seminars are continued under a new title: mBank – CASE Seminars. Additionally, from 2014 all seminar proceedings, now under the new name: mBank – CASE Seminar Proceedings have been published both in Polish and in English.