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Macroeconomic Policy Advice to Georgia


The complex two-year project on macroeconomic Policy Advice to Georgia was financed by USAID. Experts led first by Leszek Balcerowicz and then by Jerzy Miller cooperated with the chancellery of President Edward Shevardnadze and the government of Georgia in preparing the concepts of reform so necessary for the country. Meetings with Georgian civil servants and politicians, and also institutions supporting reform, concerned privatization, restructuring, agriculture, the SME sector, foreign debt, smuggling, and reform of the fiscal and customs services. CASE experts have also been advising in Georgia on issues such as the budget policy, economic development and the fight against poverty. As part of this project, work was carried out on an independent forecasting quarterly entitled 'Georgian Economic Outlook'.

The project team consisted of: Leszek Balcerowicz, Jerzy Miller, Witold Skrok (public finance), Ewa Balcerowicz (SME, registration procedures, licensing and microfinance), Mateusz Walewski (Resident in Tbilisi), A. Siejda (privatization), Arkadiusz Krezel (restructuring), Ryszard Brzezik (agriculture), Witold Szwaykowski (microfinance), Krzysztof Krowacki (foreign debt negotiation), Tamaz Asatiani, Mikhail Tokmazishvili and Georgi Kavelashvili.

Report presenting the main findings and recommendations of the project is availabe online.